A multi-center, double-blind, randomized trial done at the Institute of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Naples, in Italy, found that Serrapeptase acted as an effective anti-inflammatory to improve ear, nose and throat disorders, and the supplement reduced pain. The study, which used 193 people and lasted eight days, also found that Serrapeptase caused no significant side effects.


A multi-center, double-blind study, published in the journal, Pharmatherapeutica, found that Serrapeptase reduced swelling in patients who underwent surgery to treat empyema (a collection of pus in the cavity between the lung and the membrane that surrounds it). This study included 174 patients and showed no adverse side effects.


A study involving post-operative swelling, and done by German researchers, showed that patients who had ankle surgery and were given Serrapeptase had a 50% reduction in swelling, while those patients who did not receive Serrapeptase had no reduction in swelling. Patients taking the supplement were also relieved of all pain by the tenth day after surgery.


A small study (involving 20 patients) done over a period of six weeks and published in the Journal of the Association of Physicians in India, found that Serrapeptase may help improve carpal tunnel syndrome. No significant side effects were observed.


In a double-blind study published in the Singapore Medical Journal, 70 women with breast engorgement were randomly divided into a treatment and placebo group. There was more reduction of breast pain and swelling in the women receiving Serrapeptase than there was for the women who did not receive the supplement. Again, no adverse reactions were reported.


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