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GeOxy-132 Germanium Sesquioxide
Product Code : 3640
Regular name : GeOxy-132
Common name : GeOxy-132
Latin name : Germanium sesquioxide Download Spec-sheet
Germanium comes from inside the earth's crust, but is also present in living matter and the human body. Plant foods, such as wheat, vegetables, bran, and leguminous seeds, are rich sources of germanium. Pure GeOxy-132 is a unique organic germanium compound, bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, sometimes called just “germanium sesquioxide”. The high-purity organic complex is safe, with much lower toxicity than the inorganic form. Germanium dioxide is a form of inorganic germanium. Products contaminated with inorganic germanium can be seriously toxic. Inorganic germanium accumulates in the kidneys, and may cause renal failure. Central to organic germanium's oxidizing and anti-oxidant properties is its structure, which is a crystalline lattice network, extensively oxygen bonded. Germanium has 4 electrons, three of which, in GeOy-132, are bonded to oxygen, the other being a free radical. Organic germanium acts at a fundamental level of life function. It can, at least partially, substitute for or supplement oxygenation in tissues. This is a critical contribution to the maintenance of health and prevention of disease. Its unique chemical structure may strongly attract and absorb ("de-localize") electrons. In this manner, it may facilitate energy generation from high-energy electrons, analogous to the well-understood role of oxygen as an "electron sink" essential for energy-yielding electron transfer processes. The fact that organic germanium has immuno-stimulating effects is not surprising since it has a known efficacy as an oxygenation enhancer, and oxygen plays a pivotal role in immune functions.
Nutriceutical Properties
Germanium sesquioxide supports the immune system, enriches the body's oxygen supply, lowers the human body’s requirement for oxygen consumption, acts as an antioxidant, promotes cardiovascular health, and improves overall energy level.