LipoSerine is an exclusive PS formulation that contains phosphatidic acid (PA), a stimulator of many cellular functions. Phosphatidylserine (PS) products from GCI Nutrients are phospholipid complexes that contain specified levels of Phosphatidylserine which is vital to brain structure and function. Phosphatidylserine (PS) and Phosphatidic acid (PA) are naturally occurring phospholipids which are biochemically linked through the activity of the enzyme phospholipase D. PS has been thoroughly investigated with relation to neurological functions and it is now well documented that oral consumption of PS can rectify brain functions like poor memory, and is of clear beneficial effect in the aged. PA has been shown to act as an important activator of various cellular functions and in this respect may counteract tissue deterioration which takes place during aging. It may similarly support tissue building. The biochemical relationship between PS and PA strongly suggests that they are synergistic in their action.

LipoSerine has been tested in two clinical trials. The first clinical was performed on memory retention and the second on Alzheimer’s disease. The results of the clinical trials with this formulation strongly suggest that this combination is superior to PS alone. LipoSerine has been shown to help alleviate mental dysfunctions (affecting memory, speed of thinking, verbal facility, etc.) as well as affective disorders (depression, sleeplessness, “flat mood”, etc.). 

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